Polypropylene Meltblown Material

Polypropylene Meltblown materials and membranes are the heart of the N95 masks and PM2.5 Filters. The meltblown can be referred to as a membrane. The PP meltblown material provides particle efficiencies (PFE) of >95% @ 0.3 um and bacterial efficiencies (BFE) of 99%.

Each mask comes with 2x PM2.5 filters that are made of non woven meltblown polypropylene material. The same material that N95 masks are made of and what makes them effective as recommended by the CDC. See here. 

The melt-blown material in the pm2.5 filter provides superior sub-micron filtration  compared to typical cloth masks, but with less inhalation resistance than most medical-grade respirators like the n95.


  • FILTER SIZE: 120x80mm Fits perfectly inside filter slot. Suitable for most adults' and children.
  • SOFT & BREATHABLE: Made of soft cotton material, breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Great for outdoor activities as well exercising.
  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: Our masks can protect your mouth and nose from small particles in the air, automobile exhaust and etc.


Please note Coat of Arms does not produce PM2.5 filters. We buy them from PM.25 filter manufactures and state the information they provide about their products. All technical specifications for meltblown polypropylene material and its effectiveness is sited from the CDC which you can read for yourself here.  Please do your own research and stay informed to the latest recommendations from the CDC.